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5G technology is important for organizations because it ushers in a new wave of business models.

The faster response times made possible by low latency 5G data streams means businesses can deploy more complex applications—and get back to their customers faster.

Take a look at smart factories. Ford and Mercedes-Benz are using 5G technology to build smarter factories. Ford and Mercedes-Benz and companies such as John Deere rely on intelligent technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) to power smart factories. Now they are looking at how 5G can drive further innovation in their facilities.

Private 5G networks—networks that don’t share traffic with other cellular networks in the vicinity—play an important role in these factories as they are gaining traction around the world since regulators allocate more spectrum to enterprises.

Analysts believe standalone 5G technology is a game-change for enterprises, specifically those that manufacture goods and require 5G capabilities to implement the transformative applications needed in smart factories, digital transformation efforts and IoT implementations.

But in actuality, 5G technology benefits all organizations because faster speed means more business actions can be carried out in less time.

Low latency also kills buffering, which makes new applications possible for the first time.

Increased connectivity also takes care of communication challenges. Mobile network towers with 5G technology should have increased capacity compared to 4G. More people and more devices would be able to communicate at the same time – conference calls, telephone, and Skype interviews are some of the things that would improve your business connectivity.

5G in general makes it much easier for you to connect to your clients or employees, regardless of their location.

Experts believe the key to organizations benefiting from 5G technology right now is the need for employees at all levels of a company to understand 5G’s possibilities. Leadership especially needs to understand what 5G is, how it can support business goals, and how it can enhance collaboration and communication.

A Tonex 5G Mini MBA can help. With the right education, teams can be more alert to the ways 5G can positively impact business.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 5G Mini MBA, a 5-day program designed to get participants up to speed with the key 5G competency areas required for success in the 5G industry.

Participants will learn about key 5G technical areas, digital transformation, IoT, autonomous driving and 5G, network slices, SDN/NFV, product, financial, marketing, branding and leadership skills needed to thrive and contribute effectively toward your business.

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