Length: 5 Days
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Digital Engineering Mini MBA

When applied at the very earliest stages of a project, Digital Engineering not only facilitates better design but helps identify and eliminate risks that might arise later down the line – offering greater predictability of building performance, price and program.

Using Digital Engineering, it is possible to develop a far more accurate image of a building’s carbon footprint. For instance, when integrated with a building’s energy model, we have the capacity to predict real use in operation.

Not only can this enhance design, this information can be incorporated into facilities management systems to streamline building services and maintenance.

Digital engineering is transforming acquisition, complex systems engineering and integration, and sustainment from the existing design-build-test paradigm to a model-analyze-build methodology. There are tremendous savings of cost, time, and resources by moving a solution through its full life cycle digitally.

Digital engineering is particularly critical to space programs. Unlike other domains where deployed assets can be more easily retrieved, maintained, and enhanced, what is sent into space is likely what the program is stuck with.

The business benefits of digital engineering are substantial. Digital engineering harnesses modern digital capabilities to improve an organization’s efficiency and value, enhance process sequences, and/or transform end-user experiences.

Also, with the appropriate resource allocation, delivery models, project management and team enablement, digital engineering can create new business opportunities and competitive customer values.

A digital design engineer is responsible for designing new digital hardware products and the circuitry to make them function. Job duties include creating the digital hardware design, working with marketing to determine the type of digital products needed, and troubleshooting errors in existing products.

Progressive companies explore strategies for digitization, including introducing digital engineering, which enables people to easily find, use and share trusted data to improve decision making and outcomes for projects.

Digital engineering provides a common digital language for coordinating and sharing information across all phases of the value chain and helps reduce waste through streaming knowledge and information through all project phases.

Many feel that the surge in digital engineering can be seen as a response to increasing complexity in the industry. New technologies, building materials, tools, techniques, and stakeholders’ expectations have introduced new factors into the production process.

Digital Engineering Mini MBA Program by Tonex

Digital Engineering Mini MBA by Tonex offers accomplished professionals an opportunity to maintain their career trajectory with an efficient, focused injection of modern digital engineering concepts, strategy and culture. We will empower you to contribute as a confident thought leader who has mastered today’s rapidly changing business landscape focusing on digital engineering. Use digital engineering know-how to contribute as a valued member of multi-functional teams and help shape your organizational goals.

Learn how integrated digital technologies are used to rapidly conceptualize, design, build, test and sustain value-driven solutions. The industry is undergoing a digital transformation since we are analyzing, designing, testing and deploying capabilities faster to respond to current and emerging needs.

digital engineering mini mba

Topics Covered:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital engineering
  • DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • Advanced lean manufacturing
  • Open architecture with Lean-Agile methodologies
  • Leadership and Management
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Digital engineering culture
  • Lean Process and Six Sigma
  • Performance Management
  • Self-Leadership
  • High Performance Teams
  • Presentation Skills
  • Organizational Essentials
  • Business Ethics
  • Change Management

Previous participants

  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Space Force
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Army,
  • NATO
  • NASA
  • Other branches of government and Department of Defense

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