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When it comes to effective cybersecurity – believe it. The stakes are real.

So far in 2022, cybercrimes have led to damages worth more than $2 trillion. Globally, one cyber-attack takes place every 39 seconds, and one ransomware attack occurs every 14 seconds.

And yet, another statistic reveals that small firms invest less than $500 on cybersecurity despite reports showing that most small businesses have already been the target of a cyber-attack, and nearly one-third have been the victim of a data breach with severe financial consequences.

The benefits of effective cybersecurity for organizations are enormous – but often the problem is just getting a handle on what needs to be done.

Cybersecurity education such as that offered in an intense cybersecurity mini MBA can make all the difference between an organization prospering and being knocked back by an unexpected cyber-attack.

Solid cybersecurity provides a plethora of safeguards, such as:

  • Ensuring employees aren’t at risk from Adware and Ransomware.
  • Increasing productivity because viruses can slow down computers which negatively impacts a company’s output potential.
  • Prevents websites from failing. If your business hosts its own website, a potential cyber breach could be disastrous. If your system becomes infected, it’s possible that your website could be forced to close meaning you will lose money as a result from lost transactions.
  • Making sure that your business is secure from cyber threats will also help to protect your customers, who could be susceptible to a cyber breach by proxy.
  • Effective cybersecurity keeps an organization’s reputation sound and also prevents possible fines for not doing more to protect sensitive data.

A cybersecurity mini MBA teaches businesses the benefits of cybersecurity – benefits that are truly substantial. This is important because all the stats say the same thing: Cybersecurity safeguards have never been more crucial for providing digital protection to a business.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers a 5-day Cybersecurity Mini MBA Training Course that is an education program and career experience with key cybersecurity business and technology practices including technology, leadership, ethics, regulation and strategic marketing.

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