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Digital engineering can deliver a host of business benefits.

These include increased visibility and analytical capability; capturing and transferring knowledge from subject matter experts; creating end-to-end solutions; enabling system integration; and enhancing user satisfaction.

Perhaps the overall greatest digital engineering benefit to organizations is how it increases visibility and analytical capability.

In reality, high-tech engineering is becoming more complex and is evolving at a faster rate than businesses can keep up with. The need, therefore, is to enhance the processing power and analytical capability of systems using digital engineering (DE) to adapt to the evolving changes.

Usually, data sets of legacy systems are updated by various people at different times, which can compromise them. Also, with legacy systems, there could be several references to the same requirement in multiple places, leading to data divergence.

However, with digital engineering, an authoritative and single source of data can be established for quick reference through a digital thread. It can enable a speedy analysis of complex systems to support Agile-driven software development.

Digital engineering ranks especially high in creating end-to-end solutions. Using digital engineering-driven tools, businesses can review the input data and assess data maturity. The end-to-end solution designed there can then result in accruing cross-functional benefits for businesses.

Digital engineering is also expected to play a key role in systems integration. Technologies such as network connectivity and high-performance computing, in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning, are expected to change the future business landscape.

It’s also expected that digital engineering will lead to the integration of cyber and physical systems through cross-domain digital threads.

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