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Military veterans seeking a career in business can benefit from intense learning programs such as the one Tonex offers in its Mini-MBA Business Management for Military and Veterans.

Most employers recognize that military veterans make excellent employees. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor points out many positive benefits of hiring veterans such as proven leadership, strong work ethics, integrity and creative problem-solving.

Still, business management is competitive, demanding and constantly evolving. To be successful, military veterans need training and insights to understand the basics of business management as well as the type of transition that’s called for after coming from a military environment.

Topics covered in a Tonex Mini-MBA Business Management program for military and veterans include marketing and sales — the two functional areas of a business. It’s crucial to recognize that marketing and sales skill sets are important for everyone in an organization. Ideas and concepts are “sold” internally, as often as products and services are sold externally.

Supply chain management, stock market implications, the Federal Reserve, business strategies and understanding financial statements are other key topics covered in a Tonex Mini MBA in Business Management designed for veterans and military personnel.

Experts in this area believe some of the most important lessons for veterans involve communications and understanding how things are done differently in the private business sector compared to the military world.

This includes knowledge of typical business organizational charts and knowing how to approach each conversation with the various levels of employees in an organization. Additionally, it’s important to understand your own communications style and recognize those of others in your workplace in order to reduce anxiety, and increase input and buy in.

A Tonex Mini MBA in Business Management for veterans addresses communication barriers, making a strong first impression, learning techniques to enhance communication, and understanding how to decrease miscommunication while increasing the productivity of interactions.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Mini MBA in Business Management for Military and Veterans, an intense 5-day program that is designed specifically for military and veterans looking for an alternative to a traditional MBA degree program focusing on business theory and the key areas of business, technology and management.

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