Length: 5 Days
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Digital Transformation Mini MBA

Digital Transformation Mini MBA is a 5-day course where participants learn about what it takes for a successful digital transformation, including understanding strategies and business models. 


For most organizations, a digital transformation is all about identifying how to use technologies to deliver new products and services, to improve existing products and services, and to streamline processes.

In other words, Digital transformations are a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. 

Digital transformation became a key strategic initiative in the mid-2010s, as mobile communications, cloud, data analytics, and other advanced information technologies took off, enabling businesses and consumers to easily engage via digital channels.

While somewhat open to interpretation, most experts agree that some level of new technological acumen has been necessary (and should be ongoing) for every organization. The problem is often regarding strategy.

Many experts in this area believe the first step in a digital transformation is making sure organizations have a strong digital core with cloud aspects. This way, organizations can emphasize the modernization of core technology such as data, applications and infrastructure. They can do this while simultaneously migrating workloads to the cloud to achieve greater operational resilience as well as flexibility.

Organizations should also focus on innovating their business models. This can best be accomplished by combining the power of digital technology to orchestrate the transformation of an operating model.

For organizations big and small, a digital transformation is a never-ending journey.

Analysts point out that a digital transformation is about more than technology. It’s about companies integrating technologies that allow them to change how they work.

Consequently, that change doesn’t happen all at once. The change is ongoing.

Optimizing transformation efforts means rethinking operations as well as a company’s total perspective on digital transformation.

For example, yes it’s true, legacy systems and existing protocols must be evaluated carefully to see if they are still relevant in the context of driving greater efficiency.

For many companies this comes down to preparing and optimizing their workforce, which will always be their most important resource.

Experts believe customers should also be top of mind in any transformation. Companies should start by identifying the key friction points that customers may be facing—whether in equipment sales, parts, service or elsewhere.

Adopting an agile approach to digital transformations can also help the process along. In fact, some would say that agility is the key to any transformation. Fostering it starts with creating a business culture in which experimentation is encouraged and innovative ideas can flourish.

Digital Transformation Mini MBA Training Program by Tonex

The Digital Transformations Training program is a 5-day Mini MBA intensive education program that includes 5G, Industry 4.0, AI/ML, VR/AR/MR, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and other IT-enabled modifications impacting enterprise operations and environments.

Participants will learn about modernization, innovation, enterprise transformation, and modifications in enterprise procedures that cause disruptive innovation and operations related to new enterprise models.

Topics include:

  • Strategy in a Digital Age
  • Economics of the Digital World
  • Digital Services Delivery
  • Digital Business Models
  • Big Data and Analysis
  • Emerging Digital Trends and Applications
  • Digital Transformation Platforms and Ecosystems
  • Organizational Change and Culture for Digital Transformation
  • Digital Strategies and Markets
  • Analytical Decisions Models
  • Re-imagining Corporate Innovation
  • Programming & Data Analytics Park
  • Micromarketing with Digital Footprints
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain & Cybersecurity
  • System and Software Thinking for Managers

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Who Should Attend

Who ought to be part of this program ? This mini mba program will assist connecting the enterprise network to instructional and enterprise professionals on virtual transformation. Digital Transformation mini mba is especially advocated for IT and enterprise professionals, virtual approach, making plans and imposing professionals.

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